Sun City Tree Trimming Services:

Serving the city of Sun City Ca for over 2 decades.

Allow us to go out on a limb for your tree trimming needs. With Erin's Tree Service, you can expect on time service from a professional crew that guarantees all work to your satisfaction.

How It Works:

Trimming a tree correctly takes knowledge and experience. At Erin's Tree Service we have over 25 yrs worth. Not all trees are trimmed the same way knowing difference is important. Crown reduction or topping is reducing the height or weight of the tree at the top branches, lacing or thinning the tree is performed on the branch network throughout the tree, cutting out dead and crossed branches and pruning the remainder to lighten the load the main branches carry. Balancing a tree is done on the outside edge of the tree to take weight off and give the tree a clean balanced look. Raising the bottom or raising the skirt refers to lifting the lowest branches so a person can walk under the tree. Proper trimming of trees helps reduce broken branches and during windstorm can be the difference of a tree withstanding the storm or being blown over.

Put Your Trees Back In Balance:

These California Peppers lost a large branch due to excess weight from not trimming; we performed a heavy reduction and balancing to reduce the chances of more breakage.

Get competitive tree trimming rates in the Sun City Ca area with your satisfaction guaranteed:

  • Residential and commercial
  • Crown reduction
  • Thinning
  • Balancing
  • Shaping
  • Pruning

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